The History of POSTMKTG

Celebrating 10 creative, collaborative years 2012: HOW THIS ALL STARTED POSTMKTG was founded at a point of radical transition. The shift from big advertising to targetable media and search was fundamentally altering the marketing landscape. New opportunities were opening for startups, specialized businesses and brands with big social networks but limited advertising budgets, like educational…

BronationDay 2022 Tops $206K

Just one year after an annual effort that secured funding for a synthetic turf field, CBA roared back in 2022 with an even more ambitious fundraising objective – the region’s first all-weather dome! Powered by a teaser and kickoff video campaign and an amazing “takeover” of the CBA home page, CBA raised and eye-popping $204,661K in just 16 hours.

A Powerful New Logo

POSTMKTG’s founding industrial client, UST, introduced its new logo on May 1, 2022. “We wanted something that felt contemporary, but also something exciting, and something that gave our prospects a better idea of what we make,” said UST president Mark Degeneffe. Degeneffe also wanted to state, definitively, that UST is the world leader in BIG industrial voltage regulation.

CBA 2022 Spring Open House

Creative production has become less like car assembly and more like painting as tools and resources have become increasingly democratized. Add to that a relationship of trust between client and agency, built project by project over 7 amazing years, and campaigns like CBA’s 2022 Spring Open House are a regular result.  

The College Experience – An Experience for Parents Too

The College Experience is an experience not just for its students, who get to live the college life, begin careers and gain the skills necessary to live independently, but also, and maybe more so, for the parents of students. In a series of unscripted testimonials, POSTMKTG helped TCE parents tell their stories. Stories of pride. Stories of surprise. Stories of wonder at the independent people their previously very dependent children have become.