CBA: BronationDay 2024

CBA BronationDay 2024 ThumbnailFor the 7th year, POSTMKTG is thrilled to lead the BronationDay charge for long-term client Christian Brothers Academy. Building on our successful efforts to raise funds for a new academic wing, updates to its lecture center, supplemental financial assistance during COVID, a new turf field, and the totally insane effort to finalize funding for the first all-season multi-use dome on any Capital Region campus, for 2024, and to emphasize the school’s college prep focus, CBA is raising funds for a new Academic Achievement Center.

NextStep cooks up a TikTok-driven branding campaign

NextStep HELOC AdSmall brands can now take advantage of their smallness and run circles, creatively, around their plodding competitors. While large brands fret and fear “crazy media” like TikTok, NextStep Federal Credit Union, with the counsel of POSTMKTG, has jumped right in with a branding and promotions campaign that not only leads with TikTok as its primary media, but is creatively inspired by TikTok.

AHN 2024 Gala

AHN Library UpgradeThis year, to fund an upgrade to its library, AHN hoped to raise $60,000 during its 2024 Gala’s “Paddle Raise.” In just 15 minutes, it raised well over $70,000.

POSTMKTG handled all event materials – event logo and graphic standards, invite, social media ads, program and the video that got the wallets to open – and we couldn’t happier about the results.

CBA opens ‘The Dome!’

CBA Dome InteriorTo a huge and enthusiastic crowd dwarfed by an even “huge-er” space, long-term client Christian Brothers Academy opened the doors to The Dome, a stunning multi-use all-weather facility now rising impressively on the school’s Albany campus.

POSTMKTG is proud of the important role we played in helping the school raise more than $4 million over a few short years to fund The Dome’s construction (and the school’s new turf field). And we are equally proud of the environmental graphics that greet visitors and prepare them for the impressive space they are about to enter.

AHN launches community-empowering website

AHN WebsiteTo build on the branding and marketing momentum that has generated a 10% increase in enrollment over the last year, and to position itself for future growth, Academy of the Holy Names worked with POSTMKTG to completely overhaul its public web presence.

Not only does it look fantastic, the new frees the school from the cumbersome proprietary CMS, which will simplify updates and code extensions and allow the school to fully integrate the website into its marketing efforts.

Small credit union stakes claim as the next big thing

NextStep FCU BillboardPOSTMKTG proudly presents NextStep, our from-the-ground-up rebranding of School Services Federal Credit Union. Everything, from research and strategy, to name, logo, and tagline, to website and app, signage, and all the collateral bits that make up a financial institution, all done in 10-months.

NextStep provides an excellent demonstration of the competitive advantages smaller, swifter businesses now have relative to their bigger and always more bureaucratic competitors.

CBA finds serious success

CBA Fall Open House StillThe students at CBA are just like students at every other private or public middle school or high school … except when they aren’t. Like when its time to put on the uniform and get serious about the day’s studies. Or time to march in formation at a Veterans Day parade. Or when the National Anthem is played before a game.

Since partnering with POSTMKTG, CBA has seen a 42% increase in enrollment , raised $10 million across two successful capital campaigns, introduced a new annual giving day which raised an astounding $604,000 in 16 hours in 2023, redesigned its bi-annual magazine, revised and relaunched its website (twice!), added several scholarship programs and reengaged its alumni and supporter network.

A dramatic comeback: the history of sports at AHN

AHN Athletic Hall of Fame mural and 1913 yearbookPOSTMKTG is thrilled to have helped Academy of the Holy Names rediscover its proud 110-year history of athletics and put it on display. A new 150-foot mural celebrates milestones and nearly forgotten memories.

Dedicated to AHN’s long-time athletic directory, Carlo Cherubino, the athletic mural and its accompanying text required hours of research. Every yearbook published from 1910 on (which were all carefully stored in AHN’s temperature controlled archive) was carefully reviewed, photographed and cross referenced with period newspaper clippings, letters and memoirs, journal articles, photographs and other sources. Piece by piece, an amazing story emerged … one that no living member of the AHN community was even aware!