NextStep: helping a small credit union brand itself as the next big thing

NextStep LogoPOSTMKTG proudly presents NextStep, our from-the-ground-up rebranding of School Services Federal Credit Union. Everything, from research and strategy, to name, logo, and tagline, to website and app, signage, and all the collateral bits that make up a financial institution, all done in 10-months.

NextStep provides an excellent demonstration of the competitive advantages smaller, swifter businesses now have relative to their bigger and always more bureaucratic competitors.


The marketing world was changing fast in 2012, the year POSTMKTG was founded.

New opportunities were opening for startups, specialized businesses and brands with big social networks but limited advertising budgets. A lot of work was shifting in-house. Social connections seemed a great untapped asset.

No one knew for sure where it was going. But being small, skilled and plugged in all seemed like advantages. Though it felt random and chaotic in real time, a year into our second decade, the story of our success reads as a steady march. Almost like, all along, we knew what we were doing.


Helping New Yorkers raise their voices and say, “food is a basic human right!”

Hunger Relief Video StillThough the pandemic is waning, with inflation up, too many New Yorkers are still struggling to feed their families. This video, part of an ongoing print, PR and social media campaign, was produced on behalf of Feeding New York State to boost community awareness and engagement, and encourage viewers to sign a petition asking government officials to support continued full funding of hunger relief programs.

Heila joins the Kohler brand family

HeilaiQ landing pageThe claim made by the freshly-minted MIT grads at Heila at our first meeting in 2019 was quite extraordinary: The unreliability and wastefulness (not to mention climate destroying potential) of the 100-year old U.S. centralized power grid could be undone and rectified with game theory.

It didn’t take genius to sense these young engineers were onto something. But it did take some work to translate their enthusiasm into a story others could understand.

On behalf of two amazing organizations

It’s a balance. We’re in business. And for the most part that means trading services for a fee. But occasionally we’ll cross paths with an amazing organization doing amazing work that just needs a little help building a professional website.

Recently, we adopted two: The Underground Railroad Education Center and the Joshua Project of Schoharie County.

BronationDay 2022 tops $206K

Just one year after an annual effort that secured funding for a synthetic turf field, CBA roared back in 2022 with an even more ambitious fundraising objective – the region’s first all-weather dome! Powered by a teaser and kickoff video campaign and an amazing “takeover” of the CBA home page, CBA raised and eye-popping $204,661K in just 16 hours.