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This is our story, and we’re sticking to it


Things were changing fast the year POSTMKTG was founded.

The shift from traditional media to targeted media and search meant new opportunities were opening for startups, specialized businesses and brands with big social networks but limited advertising budgets, like educational institutions, health care services and nonprofits. A lot of work was shifting in-house. Social connections seemed a great untapped asset.

Into this space POSTMKTG would grow a new kind of agency. Small, hyper-responsive, technically adept and collaborative.



Things were changing fast the year POSTMKTG was founded.

The shift from traditional media to targeted media and search meant new opportunities were opening for startups, specialized businesses and brands with big social networks but limited advertising budgets, like educational institutions, health care services and nonprofits. A lot of work was shifting in-house. Social connections seemed a great untapped asset.

Into this space POSTMKTG would grow a new kind of agency. Small, hyper-responsive, technically adept and collaborative.

For the 2012 Siena College Living Our Tradition capital campaign, POSTMKTG not only designed and developed the campaign website, it created a complete instruction manual and provided training to the development staff so they could manage the site independently.

The new agency, POSTMTKG believed, would still do some traditional advertising. But its focus would be on helping our clients understand and take full advantage of all the new opportunities available.

We put these ideas to the test immediately. Among our first projects were communication audits focused on identifying resources under client control and helping figure out ways to maximize their potential. These included projects for Albany Medical Center, Siena College, the University at Albany Graduate School of Business, The Lally School of Business at RPI and Purchase College.

In 2013, Albany Medical Center asked POSTMKTG to conduct a comprehensive audit of its current marketing. We recommended the institution focus its budget on public relations, specifically surrounding the launch of its satellite emergent care centers among other strategic initiatives.

Albany Medical Center Branding Deck


We helped Albany Medical Center focus on its satellite centers as the driver of public relations, Siena launch a capital campaign with client-manageable website, UAlbany brand its graduate programs and build a website dedicated to their promotion (see case study), bring branding focus to The Lally School at RPI (see case study) and helped Purchase College understand the incredible marketing potential of its creator community and develop a revolutionary crowdsourced website to bring it to a focus (see case study).

In what was certainly to that date the most comprehensive example of POSTMKTG’s asset-focused marketing philosophy, in a multi-phase effort, Purchase College developed a radically crowdsourced website, drawing content from all the school’s departments, its arts center, its on-campus museum and students. Read story.

At this point, just over a year from our founding, POSTMKTG was ready to move to the next level. To stop being a consultant on serial projects and become a new model full-service agency.

Right on cue, we met the perfect client to power our transition, UST, a Watervliet, New York manufacturer of high-tech industrial voltage regulation products.



UST competes internationally with the likes of Schneider Electric, ABB, and other giants. And since 2013, with just 19 employees, it has been competing very well, thank you. POSTMKTG showed UST how it could shave off small slices of its intellectual property, and use it in the form of white papers, calculators, videos and case studies, to power its marketing. Read story.

The key to UST’s success was the simple realization that, thanks to the speed and economy of digital marketing, a small company can look just as big as a big one. And with the right partner move much faster.

In the year between our founding in May of 2012 and our kickoff meeting with UST in July of 2013, POSTMKTG had developed the talent and resources necessary to deliver full-service marketing solutions – in-house website development, SEO, email marketing, digital media buying, social media management, retargeting and all the rest.

Over the next 2 years, we moved from freelance to staff employees, opened an office in downtown Schenectady, New York, and began building a portfolio of accounts, many of whom remain with us today.


In 2014, proving client size no longer mattered for an agency not dependent on media commissions or markups, POSTMKTG become the agency or record for Albany Community Charter School, a relationship that matured over the next 6 years into a full-service account – branding, web, TV, events and fundraising, and began working with the School of Business at the University at Albany, building its brand, setting its strategy and creating a department website that would serve as a template for the entire university.

The website developed for the graduate programs at the University at Albany School of Business not only successfully launched the brand under the tagline Meet Your Future, it established the functional template the university would follow when upgrading its system website several years later.


2015 began our incredible and continuing relationships with Christian Brothers Academy, a private school in Albany, New York, and The College Experience, a program that serves students with intellectual disabilities, managed by Living Resources and now hosted by Russell Sage College. POSTMKTG was able to apply its already rich experience in the education sector to two programs that could take full advantage of modern marketing techniques.



Under the leadership of executive director Jen Richard and director of college programs, Colleen Dergosits, and with full-service support from POSTMKTG,  The College Experience has grown into one of the most widely-respected programs for young adults with disabilities in the country. See videos.

The College Experience Home Page

Beginning with one small project in 2015, POSTMKTG’s relationship with CBA has taken on a life far beyond anyone’s initial expectations. Branding, logo, website, major media advertising, a semi-annual magazine, promotions, social media, and (lots and lots of) fundraising! See story.


POSTMKTG built out its manufacturing client base with the addition of Swagelok, a regional distributer of a major national brand, and Troy Industrial Solutions, a company founded in 1862, and which was well positioned in 2016 to take over motor service and metal fabrication in the Northeast. To support these clients, we buttressed our in-house web development and programming capabilities. And the following year we added high-tech boiler manufacturer Unilux Advanced Manufacturing and its sister company, Stants Combustion, to our manufacturing portfolio.

Troy Industrial Solutions Banner

Despite what you may hear in the press, manufacturing is not a sector in decline. Not even in the Northeast. In 2016, Troy Industrial Solutions began talking directly to the skilled, stressed professionals on the floor. Letting them know that Troy has their back. Read story.


By 2017, POSTMKTG was ready to take its program national, and by the end of 2018, we were serving clients coast to coast with the addition of San Francisco-based investment firm Table Rock Partners, Oklahoma City-based insurance firm NLLG, and in 2019, Boston-based microgrid startup, Heila Technologies. To serve these press-generating clients, we again expanded our public relations capabilities.

2018 also saw POSTMKTG move into web app development with the launch of the Arts & Enrichment Directory for Capital Region BOCES, a tool the client can now update and manage on their own (see case study).

After just a couple of sit-downs in Boston, and a single meeting with a dozen or so California community energy organization executives at Stone Edge Farms in Sonoma, POSTMKTG delivered a full brand, identity and website to Heila Technologies, a company revolutionizing power production and distribution. Read story.


Upon the hiring of its new executive director, Dan Egan, the former Food Bank Association of New York State turned to POSTMKTG to implement a rebranding and renewed mission under the name Feeding New York State. And not a minute too soon. The following spring, the organization was put to the extreme test in meeting the need for emergency food and services generated by the COVID pandemic.



Do you know that, in America, we throw away about 40% of the food we produce? Perfectly great food. Billions of pounds of food. Feeding New York State is determined to bring awareness to this issue and end hunger! See video.

Don't Chuck It T-Shirt

POSTMKTG’s full-service support for Feeding New York State include both serious public relations campaigns and light-hearted reminders, in this case to NYS farmers, who can call to have their fields gleaned.


In 2020, POSTMKTG leveraged its experience and skills, adding Academy of the Holy Names. In 2021, we greatly expand our human services and health portfolio through the addition of Albany Gastroenterology Consultants, Impact ALL, an additional Living Resources program, and a renewed relationship with the New York State Department of Health.

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to TikTok, the aesthetics, and the possibilities, of marketing continue to evolve. The 2021 branding campaign for Academy of the Holy Names provides an excellent example. Read story.


POSTMKTG continues to grow across all key sectors – education, high-tech manufacturing, nonprofit and health. In January, we welcomed Union College. In July we signed School Systems Federal Credit Union. In addition, we helped UST update its brand, spearheaded Feeding New York State’s petition drive and public relations effort, helping the organization secure $65 million in food assistance, and assisted Heila Technologies in publicizing its acquisition by Kohler Power Systems.

In the run-up to the 2022 state budget, on behalf of Feeding New York State, POSTMKTG coordinated a petition drive and public relations campaign, which resulted in a dramatic increase in allocation for hunger relief. Read story.

On May 1, 2022, POSTMKTG “unboxed” UST’s 8-year old logo, updating the company’s mark while maintaining brand equity. Read story.

For the fifth year in a row, POSTMKTG helped CBA set a record. On Friday the 13th, 2022, BronationDay donations topped $206,000 in just 16 hours. Read story.


Over its first decade, POSTMKTG’s helped organizations of all types and sizes plug into expert branding, design, web and media services, leverage and develop their physical and social assets, and amplify the talents and hard work of their in-house resources. By 2023 we were ready to take the next step, helping the venerable School Systems Federal Credit Union re-launch as NextStep FCU.

NextStep website on desktop and mobile

On May 1, 2023, School Systems Federal Credit Union officially relaunched as NextStep Federal Credit Union, a project that serves as an excellent example of the advantages of POSTMKTG’s collaborative model for small to medium sized business. A year-and-a-half in the making, NextStep represents a quantum leap for the venerable institution. Under its new name, powered by a built-from-the-ground-up website, NextStep is positioning itself to be the personal-sized alternative to those Upstate New York credit unions that have grown so big they’ve lost sight of their missions.


Our 12th year kicked off with a roar, and the investment in marketing by our long-term clients is paying big dividends. For example, while private school enrollments are down across the Capital Region of New York, both our private school clients, AHN and CBA are reporting record numbers. AHN is expecting its largest freshmen class in nearly 20 years this fall, while CBA is adding classroom space to accommodate its overflow. Feeding New York successfully lobbied the legislature to support a range of hunger action initiatives. NextStep is finding great success in its first media-driven promotions. And The College Experience, having lost its host with the surprise announcement of the closing of the College of Saint Rose, has successfully established its new partnership with Russell Sage College.

But while we are busy, at POSTMKTG, there is always room for more. If you are in the market for a high-skilled marketing partnership, we invite you to make contact.


CBA: BronationDay 2024

CBA BronationDay 2024 ThumbnailFor the 7th year, POSTMKTG is thrilled to lead the BronationDay charge for long-term client Christian Brothers Academy. Building on our successful efforts to raise funds for a new academic wing, updates to its lecture center, supplemental financial assistance during COVID, a new turf field, and the totally insane effort to finalize funding for the first all-season multi-use dome on any Capital Region campus, for 2024, and to emphasize the school’s college prep focus, CBA is raising funds for a new Academic Achievement Center.

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NextStep cooks up a TikTok-driven branding campaign

NextStep HELOC AdSmall brands can now take advantage of their smallness and run circles, creatively, around their plodding competitors. While large brands fret and fear “crazy media” like TikTok, NextStep Federal Credit Union, with the counsel of POSTMKTG, has jumped right in with a branding and promotions campaign that not only leads with TikTok as its primary media, but is creatively inspired by TikTok.

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AHN 2024 Gala

AHN Library UpgradeThis year, to fund an upgrade to its library, AHN hoped to raise $60,000 during its 2024 Gala’s “Paddle Raise.” In just 15 minutes, it raised well over $70,000.

POSTMKTG handled all event materials – event logo and graphic standards, invite, social media ads, program and the video that got the wallets to open – and we couldn’t happier about the results.

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CBA opens ‘The Dome!’

CBA Dome InteriorTo a huge and enthusiastic crowd dwarfed by an even “huge-er” space, long-term client Christian Brothers Academy opened the doors to The Dome, a stunning multi-use all-weather facility now rising impressively on the school’s Albany campus.

POSTMKTG is proud of the important role we played in helping the school raise more than $4 million over a few short years to fund The Dome’s construction (and the school’s new turf field). And we are equally proud of the environmental graphics that greet visitors and prepare them for the impressive space they are about to enter.

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