From Watervliet to the world

UST was the first POSTMKTG client to totally get where we were coming from.

Yes, we said, an industrial manufacturing company of just 19 employees could, given the new search and targeted media-centric marketing landscape, compete head to head with the giants of its industry, companies 100, or even 1000 times its size. The secret, we said, was UST’s focus, its specialization.

Why? Because Google loves specialization.

Think about it. If you were suddenly in the market for an industrial voltage regulator to protect, say, your semiconductor manufacturing facility from voltage spasms, what would you do? You’d search “industrial voltage regulation” or some variant of that phrase. And if that phrase is on your website or in your Google keyword list, you’ll be found. And if your website is good, you’ll be purchased! That’s why we counsel all clients to think about specialization as a core component of their branding.

Working directly with company leadership, POSTMKTG delivered on its promise. And over our nearly decade long relationship, have continued to innovate, update and optimize, helping the company continue to compete and grow

I’ve worked with the POSTMKTG team for well over a decade and have been thrilled with the experience. They’ve brought UST’s go to market strategy and tools into the modern era of internet marketing and as such a small Capital Region based tech business can swim with the International big fishes. This is a sharp firm to work with.

Mark DegeneffePresident of UST
  • Market survey and customer interviews
  • Insights and recommendations
  • Branding, positioning and marketing plan
  • Logo and graphic standards
  • Website and e-marketing platform development
  • White papers, case studies, calculators and other key assets
  • Content marketing, email marketing and retargeting
  • Public relations


A half-decade in, POSTMKTG continues its strong relationship with UST, with new product initiatives, new targeted marketing strategies, expanded direct marketing programs, white papers and other high-value marketing assets.

This work has set a new standard for industrial products marketing, and has led to multiple new relationships between POSTMKTG and other regional manufacturers.