For the guys who run the machines that make the stuff we want


Despite what you may hear in the press, manufacturing is not a sector in decline. Not even in the Northeast.

Small firms and large multinationals – in chemicals, construction, food and beverage, mining, paper, power, water and more – still run flat-out, often 24/7, to meet both regional needs and global demands.

The problem is, these firms run with far fewer bodies on the floor today than in the past. Automation is the key to profitability. But what that means is when things break, when production comes to an unexpected stop, the pressure to get back online is enormous, and often falls on the shoulders of a single individual.


With the help of POSTMKTG, Troy Industrial Solutions has begun talking directly to the skilled, stressed professionals on the floor. Letting them know that Troy has their back.

Central to our efforts is the promotion of Troy Industrial Solutions’ free training programs. In a word-of-mouth world, where hands-on means hands-on with heavy, complex equipment, Troy Industrial Solutions’ training programs provide key skills, best practices and the connections critical to the job of preventing brea downs and quickly diagnosing and repairing problems.

  • Research and strategy
  • Creative development and design
  • Website development and web management
  • Special events strategy, planning and execution
  • Collateral design and development
  • Ongoing digital marketing and analytics


POSTMKTG’s efforts have resulted in spike in training requests from both new and existing customers, stronger client relationships and more repeat business. Troy Industrial has now successfully taken its marketing in-house.