AHN: Be You! Be Anything!

AHN: Be You! Be Anything!


It is no great revelation that the things that make Academy of the Holy Names unique carry cultural baggage. Private. Single-gender. Catholic. While the internet and social media actually favor the novel and unique, assumptions and stereotypes about what AHN is and who it is for can short circuit consideration.

But here’s the thing: stereotypes collapse the second one encounters a real person. And AHN is home to 200 of them.


POSTMKTG’s new campaign on behalf of AHN puts students front and center, encouraging each to tell us, in a few short words, who they are and what they aspire to be. For real.


Pulling from the graphic vocabulary familiar to any smartphone user and anchored by a new brand line – Be You! Be Anything! – POSTMKTG helped AHN cut through tradition with a series of high-energy, super-fun, super-shareable videos that immediately caught the attention of prospects and competitors alike.

UPDATE: Let’s not forget Georgia!