CBA ‘goes for the dome’ and breaks a record!

CBA ‘goes for the dome’ and breaks a record!

Just one year after an annual effort that secured funding for a synthetic turf field, CBA roared back in 2022 with an even more ambitious fundraising objective – the region’s first all-weather dome! But with the news embargoed until the day of, CBA needed to build excitement, and again turned to POSTMKTG.

Here are the teasers that got the community pumped!


Again in 2022, BronationDay was powered by an amazing “takeover” of the CBA home page. A live scrolling list of donors. A challenge board. A 16-hour live Facebook feed. Synchronized emails. And a BIG you-just-couldn’t-miss-it  “DONATE NOW” button.

CBA BronationDay Takeover Page


For the fifth year in a row, POSTMKTG helped CBA set a record. This year, in just 16 hours, the school received more than 700 individual donations totaling more than $206,000. Needless to say, the client is ecstatic!

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