Better than advertising


Our work for Capital Region BOCES provides an excellent example of what the “post” in POSTMKTG means. The client wanted a partner to help promote their services. A traditional agency might have suggested an ad campaign to drive traffic to a website. We, as a “postmodern” agency, suggested something better, a web app so fun and easy to use that it actually promotes itself!


Like Airbnb, Atlas Obscura, Gig Salad and other leading “crowdsourced” brands – Capital Region BOCES was a perfect candidate for a web app that attracted contributions from the hundreds of artists and other “experience” providers across New York State looking to be booked into classrooms. The new Arts & Enrichment Directory turns the task of finding approved providers, coordinating schedules and requesting and issuing payments into an enjoyable experience for artists promoting their programs and teachers and volunteers responsible for finding and coordinating services.


The BOCES Arts & Enrichment Directory was built using mostly off-the-shelf components. Not only did this allow the project progress from concept to completion extremely quickly, most of the budget (which needless to say was modest relative to the Airbnb’s of the world) was used to understand the opportunity, design the user interface and user experience, and get artists on board.

The team at POSTMKTG created something better than I ever could have imagined! We are beyond thrilled.

Jen CannellDirector, Albany-Scholarie-Schenectady-Saratoga BOCES
  • Strategy and proof of concept
  • Web app design and development
  • Key creative and copy
  • Launch, marketing and maintenance