A decade-long journey to an empowering brand


With three nationally-renowned arts conservatories, a school of art and design, innovative media programs, a college of liberal arts and sciences, a world-class museum of modern art and a regional performing arts center all sharing a single campus, Purchase College produces a flood of creative assets.


With POSTMKTG’s guidance, Purchase was able to take stock, set a budget, evaluate partners and take on the challenge of building a digital communications platform that exposed and promoted the people and events that make the institution so unique.


The new, fully-crowdsourced Purchase College website is the result of a three-year-plus team effort, where POSTMKTG served as an expert consultant on strategy, branding, budgeting, RFP development, vendor selection, concept, design and key creative development.

New site up now. See related news story.

Ron guided our cabinet members and high-level administrators through a thoughtful and well-purposed presentation. As a result, the president and cabinet made a commitment to a complete website renovation and communications restructure.

Sandy Dylak
Sandy DylakDirector, Communications & Creative Services at Purchase College, SUNY
  • Communications audit and brand review
  • Best practices for crowdsourcing, event marketing and email
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Website development strategy
  • Web trends
  • RFP
  • Vendor selection
  • Concept and design oversight
  • Key creative and copy