Unilux Branding, Web and Promotion

There is something uniquely satisfying about helping engineers break through and begin communicating the elegance and value of their work. You can actually see the relief, excitement even, on the faces of business owners, product designers and sales managers when they realize they have finally found a group that is smart enough to understand what they make and knows how to make it discoverable, compelling and easy to acquire.

POSTMKTG’s unique ability to gain the confidence of engineers, and design and implement comprehensive branding and promotions programs was demonstrated yet again in the recent re-launch of Unilux, a world-class manufacturer of industrial boilers and and associated products.

Combining the principles of design thinking with our own eight-step strategic process, POSTMKTG helped Unilux revamp its brand architecture, revise its graphic standards, build-out its digital platform – web, email marketing, digital retargeting, public relations and SEO – and get down to the business of working with its sales team to identify opportunities sell its stuff.

At Unilux, we manufacture industrial boilers for critical use facilities. We depend on professionals to get what we do and deliver. POSTMKTG attacked our project, showed us how to take better advantage of digital marketing, and quickly delivered a new conversion-focused website and a tagline our customers understand and respect.


Larry FarrellyPresident, Unilux Advanced Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Brand architecture
  • Targeting and positioning
  • Tagline and graphic standards
  • Website
  • Digital promotions, platform design and development
  • Strategic support, creative development and promotions
  • Analytics