With a goal no less lofty than changing how U.S. infrastructure is funded

Table Rock Website
It was all hands on deck this week as the POSTMKTG team worked with San Francisco-based Table Rock Infrastructure Partners on the launch of its new brand and website. Though courted by several heavy-hitters in its home city, the five year-old company put its trust in us to make their case. Our job was to help Table Rock introduce U.S. mayors to public-private partnerships as an option for financing and fixing their crumbling municipal water systems.

This was not a simple advertising problem. Then again, almost nothing we do is.

POSTMKTG specializes in helping smart people convert good ideas into compelling brands. We live to solve hard problems. And we love that audible gasp clients make when they see a website or some other creative that finally makes real the idea they have been trying to get across for years.

In this case, when Table Rock’s managing partner first saw his new site, he just said, “Wow, I didn’t think anything happened in Albany!” With a laugh we corrected him.

We’re from Schenectady.