Table Rock Infrastructure Partners: On a Mission to Spark a Municipal Funding Revolution

When asked what we do, we usually answer, “branding and marketing.” But that doesn’t quite communicate the uniqueness and depth of our services.

So let’s answer that question with an example – our recent strategic branding work on behalf of Table Rock Infrastructure Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in helping municipalities assess private-equity funded solutions for rebuilding decaying water and sewer systems.

We had been wandering around in the branding wilderness. POSTMKTG sat us down, drew everything we knew out of us, and turned it right into who we actually are and what we actually sell.

Megan MatsonPartner, Table Rock


Everybody knows the story of Flint, Michigan. But the fact is, water systems across the country are failing. Sink holes are opening over collapsed mains and many sewer treatment facilities are just one technical glitch away from failure.

In 2012, Table Rock was responsible for shepherding into existence one of the first private-equity funded water rehabilitation programs in the country. But as with all pioneers, with no precedents, no models and no standard language upon which it could build, Table Rock struggled to turn its service into a marketable product.

And that’s what we do.


Through our step-by-step strategic branding process, POSTMKTG helps businesses, educational institutions and nonprofits turn great ideas into marketable products. We’ve done it more than 40 times in our first five years. We did it for Table Rock. And we’re ready to do it for you.

  • Reseach
  • Product specialization
  • Targeting and positioning
  • Naming
  • Logo and graphic standards
  • Website
  • Direct communications strategy
  • Public relations (see related story)