Heila joins the Kohler brand family

HeilaiQ landing pageThe claim made by the freshly-minted MIT grads at Heila at our first meeting in 2019 was quite extraordinary: The unreliability and wastefulness (not to mention climate destroying potential) of the 100-year old U.S. centralized power grid could be undone and rectified with game theory.

It didn’t take genius to sense these young engineers were onto something. But it did take some work to translate their enthusiasm into a story others could understand.

3 years and 3 months later, that story is now amplified under the Kohler Energy brand.

Now a Kohler subsidiary, Heila turned to POSTMKTG to interpret and encode their parent brand’s strong (but decidedly print oriented) graphic standards for the web. A simple request that required nearly 5,500 lines of code to realize. With a client-supplied copy deck in one hand, and Kohler’s brand guidebook in the other, our combined creative and development team, working interactively with a Heila team scattered across 4 times zones, delivered a responsive expression of Kohler Energy, beautiful and usable on any device, from a smartphone to a 27″ panoramic display.

See the finished product heilatech.com.