Again, wow! BronationDay 2024 raises $190K+ in 16 hours

POSTMKTG is proud to again have led the BronationDay charge for Christian Brothers Academy. Building on our successful efforts to raise funds for a new academic wing in 2019, lecture center in 2020, financial assistance during COVID in 2021, a new turf field in 2022, and the totally insane effort to finalize funding for the first all-season multi-use dome on any Capital Region campus in 2023, in 2024, CBA raised funds for a planned Academic Achievement Center, the library, reimagined.


In addition to helping develop this year’s BronationDay campaign strategy, POSTMKTG designed, wrote and produced a campaign kick-off video (top), five teaser videos (above), a series of 6 appeal videos, and a 5-day teaser and day-of email marketing campaign.

CBA BronationDay 2024 Takeover


POSTMKTG makes sure giving money on BronationDay is rewarding and friction-free, with a home page takeover, a live Facebook feed, a live scrolling donor list and donation totals, all displayed above a big DONATE NOW button. Updates are automatic, allowing the small team at CBA to manage hundreds of donations and promote the event continuously across 16 hours.

CBA BronationDay WE DID IT


All challenges met. All targets exceeded. More than $190,000 raised in 16 hours. Go Brothers!