CBA raises a record-shattering $605K in 16 hours!

On May 12, 2023, CBA shattered its BronationDay record, raising more than $605,000 in just 16 hours and putting a big fat exclamation point at the end of its 2-year, $4,000,000 capital campaign.

Just to remind everyone, CBA is a small private middle school and high school in upstate New York. Around 560 students total.

POSTMKTG has been CBA’s agency of record since 2015, responsible for the school’s brand, website, advertising, onsite graphics (including press box and stadium wrap), annual reports, signage, paid social media, the whole shebang.

We introduced BronationDay in 2018, and in that first year raised what everyone thought was an astounding $107,000. We beat that record in 2019. In 2020, we set our sites on raising funds to supplement tuition for families impacted by the then just-emerging COVID pandemic, and raised nearly $133,000. In 2021 we kicked off CBA’s Field & Facilities capital campaign promoting the installation of a new turf field. That pulled a remarkable $173,000. Then last year, we raised funds to begin building a multi-use, multi-season dome, the first at any high school in the area, and broke the $200,000 barrier.

Now it was time to “Bring Home the Dome.”

Teaser videos posted from Monday through Thursday showed students pulling a Godzilla-sized dome from CBA’s historic location in downtown Albany,  past regional landmarks, to its home on the new campus.

From “old” CBA …

To the Empire State Plaza …

Past Nipper …

Down the airport runway …

“Bring Home the Dome” became the campaign’s call to action, a theme strong enough to secure a $250,000 matching challenge. CBA’s development team was able to then secure several additional matching challenges and large one-time donations. But even with those commitments in hand, the school would need to generate big support from its broader community.

It all came down to the day itself.

POSTMKTG’s custom-designed campaign management platform allowed CBA to coordinate email blasts, social media posts, donation updates and a live stream of promotions, testimonials, videos, and historic games throughout the day.

For the week leading up, BronationDay took over CBA’s home page, with students animated to pull the dome to campus.

CBA BronationDay Countdown home page

POSTMKTG is proud of our long and strong relationship with CBA. Since 2015, CBA has seen enrollment nearly double, it has added a new wing, refurbished its lecture hall, added a fifth grade, installed a turf field and other athletic facility upgrades, and now, has brought home the dome!

Working with POSTMKTG, using the tools and training we provide to manage the school’s digital, email and social media channels, CBA is able to integrate its entire community into a kind of communications collective, crowdsource an amazing variety of content, broadly recognize individual contributions and give everyone a stake in the school’s success.