On behalf of two amazing organizations

The Underground Railroad Education Center and the Joshua Project of Schoharie County

It’s a balance. We’re in business. And for the most part that means trading services for a fee. But occasionally we’ll cross paths with an amazing organization doing amazing work that, oh, for crying out loud, just needs a little help building a professional website. Recently, we adopted two.

Underground Railroad Education Center photosThe Underground Railroad Education Center (formerly known as the Underground Railroad History Project) is an Albany based nonprofit dedicated to researching and preserving the local and national history of the Underground Railroad movement. Centered at the Stephen and Harriet Myers residence at 194 Livingston Avenue, the UREC hosts tours, conferences, workshops, performances, youth programs and other events, and is currently seeking funding to build an interpretive center near the Myers residence.

Joshua Project Home PageThe Joshua Project of Schoharie County is a non-profit group of faith-based volunteers working for social justice by improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community. It provides no-strings-attached services to individuals and families in the county, with a special focus on kids and the elderly. It also organizes volunteerism in support of its programs.

Both the UREC and the Joshua Project are rich in assets: A museum, popular educational programs, well-established social service programs, enthusiastic volunteer communities, and amazing leadership. But what both needed, quite clearly, were professional websites that people either seeking experiences and services, or those offering their time, talents, and dollars, could easily access and use.

The imperatives of business do put limits on our generosity. After all, our paying clients pay for attentive service, and we must devote some good portion of our off-the-clock time to maintain and advance those relationships. But anyone in business knows business is not zero-sum. Good will comes around.