Building a B2B campaign out of two pieces of paper and a paperclip

Trade journals are dead. But for regional manufacturers, the loss of this and other traditional paid media options is an opportunity in disguise. It levels the playing field. And businesses that are willing to invest can, with a little creative support, use inbound marketing and direct marketing to go head-to-head with their multinational competitors.

On behalf of UST, a regional industrial manufacturer, POSTMKTG has produced a wide range of high-value assets to drive our inbound and direct marketing campaigns – white papers, webinars and web apps. This fall, we decided it was time to take a quirky turn. Instead of another white paper, we helped UST develop something more out of the box, a “MacGyver-like” computer engineers in the semiconductor industry could build using nothing more than two pieces of paper and a paperclip.

Knowing what engineers and facility managers are like, we made the tool a do-it-yourself project with a high “fiddle factor.” The how-to video below shows it in action. And if you want to play, you can download your own.

To date, more than 100 prospective customers and sales agents have downloaded the SagFighter ROI Calculator and assembled their own.