NextStep cooks up a TikTok-driven branding campaign

Hyper-targetable media, like paid social (and now Connected TV or CTV), allow even the smallest institutions to promote their products and services head to head with brands many, many times their size. Cooler yet, when partnered with a lean creative firm like POSTMKTG, smaller brands can run circles, creatively, around their plodding competitors.

A good example – this NextStep FCU home equity loan promotion.

While large brands fret and fear “crazy media” like TikTok, NextStep, with the counsel of POSTMKTG, was willing to dive right in. What’s more, NextStep was willing to take the next step, and produce an ad that not only will run on TikTok (as well as other channels), but is TikTok in style, tone and cheek.

NextStep FCU Home Page (HELOC Version)

We bring campaigns to market while the other guys are tying their shoes

Being tiny and team-oriented makes it much easier to brainstorm, develop innovative campaigns, and flip everything into place – web, email, social, broadcast, and the rest – efficiently and affordably, with results that are fresh and fun.