The College Experience


Parents of a young adult with developmental disabilities worry about one thing – will their son or daughter ever be able to live independently? An impending exit from high school brings into strong relief the gap between remedial skills and those necessary to live in an apartment, pay bills, do laundry, work and find community.

The College Experience, a partnership between Living Resources and The College of Saint Rose, fills that gap by providing basic living skills training, cohort support, mentorships, internships and college-to-work transition services. But most critically, as the name implies, it offers young adults with developmental disabilities the chance to learn, grow, even goof around, just like their siblings and peers, in a college environment.


As no one tells the story better than the students experiencing it, POSTMKTG coordinated with Living Resources to create a marketing platform that makes it easy for staff and students to tell the remarkable, compelling and true stories of student struggles and success.


The College Experience is now attracting new students from a much greater radius. And its attractive, easy-to-manage, task-oriented website has greatly increased conversions while providing a platform for staff and students to tell their stories.

  • Research and strategy
  • Targeting and positioning
  • Branding, logo, tagline
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Website development, including lead capture, analytics and digital marketing integration
  • Content marketing, direct marketing and event support
  • Donation management