CBA 2022 Spring Open House

The “TikTok aesthetic” continues to influence POSTMKTG’s creative concepts and art direction, not to mention our production process, whether the campaigns run on TikTok or not.

Witness this campaign for CBA, a private all-boys 5-12 in Albany, New York. This spot, along with its sibling :06 and :30 versions, went from a late afternoon sketch on a whiteboard to quick text message to a quick shoot on the first no-mask day at CBA in nearly two years to finished edits in less than two weeks, with the spot “emerging” at every step.

Creative production has become less like car assembly and more like painting as tools and resources have become increasingly democratized. Add to that a relationship of trust between client and agency, built project by project over 7 amazing years, and campaigns like CBA’s 2022 Spring Open House are a regular result.