BOCES helps schools and artists connect

The new Arts & Enrichment Directory for Capital Region BOCES turns the task of finding approved providers, coordinating schedules and requesting and issuing payments into an enjoyable experience for artists promoting their programs and teachers and volunteers responsible for finding and coordinating services.

On the front end, the application simplfies search, contact, booking and reviews. The home page features both new artists and artists who have earned the highest ratings. It’s dynamic, and changes based on user input and feedback.

On the back end, the directory makes it easy for vendors to create beautifully formatted promotion pages, while allowing BOCES to approve all content before publication.

Proving once again the power of WordPress as a web app development environment, the BOCES Arts & Enrichment Directory was built using mostly off-the-shelf components. Not only did this allow the project progress from concept to completion extremely quickly, most of the budget (which needless to say was modest relative to the Airbnb’s of the world) was used to understand the opportunity, design the user interface and user experience, and get artists on board.