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Humble WordPress is taking over. While the CMS still has its detractors, converts must now measured in legions per hour.

This infographic by Elegant Themes (authors of the code underlying this very site) attractively distills a recent presentation by WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress Infographic For 2013

Where does it go from here? One stat hints strongly. While 69% of current installs are for content-managed websites, not just blogs, 7% of installs are for applications, not just websites.

What does that mean?

Well, imagine how much it cost to get Kickstarter started. Now, using WordPress and an application theme like Fundify, with just $60 and a modest amount of help from a company like POSTMKTG, you could launch your own crowdfunding business.

In the meantime, if your website isn’t super easy to manage, responsive and beautiful, it’s time to convert.

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