While it may not come as a surprise that consumers dislike marketing, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post, “the people who have these jobs don’t have much respect for what they do either.”

The article, based on a recent survey commissioned by Adobe, goes on to say that “Only 35 percent of marketing professionals considered their own profession valuable.”

But if you’re in marketing, before switching out to fast food or some slightly less disagreeable job, consider recasting yourself as a post-marketing marketing professional.

What’s that you ask?

Post-marketing (or as we spell it, POSTMKTG) is the art of helping organizations connect directly with customers and influencers through person-to-person communications channels – smart websites, social media, digital services and apps. It is the art of guiding clients toward the realization that branding through traditional one-way channels has given way to branding through experiential two-way channels, and that products need to come with marketing baked right in. UX = branding. And it is the practice of continuous invention that seeks to take full advantage of the fact that people can now control the world from the surface of their smartphone.

If you’re in marketing – on the agency side or the client side – and are part of the 65% who do not value what you do, post-marketing offers you the chance to step into something more comfortable. Less ephemeral. More valuable.

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