On a mission to end hunger in New York State

POSTMKTG has worked with Feeding New York State in support of its mission to end hunger in the state since 2016. We are the organization’s primary marketing and media support agency, providing strategic branding, website development, creative support, educational program development, media planning and buying and lobbying support.


Feeding NYS Pandemic Response FlyerNew York’s food banks responded with remarkable speed to the coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout that followed. During the emergency, the demand for emergency food increased by 58%. Feeding NYS hoped to use the heightened awareness of food insecurity to make a long-term difference.

Feeding NYS turned to POSTMTKG to guide its rebranding and reintroduction to the market through a coordinated web development, social media and public relations strategy.

Just 3 months from project start, Feeding NYS launched a bold and dramatic update to its brand, including a new website that challenged New York government officials, foundations, philanthropists and individuals to join it on a mission to “End Hunger in New York State!”

Conceived, designed and developed by POSTMKTG, the new Feeding NYS website it built to drive engagement and action. The site greatly simplifies the process for farmers and food processors to participate in state-funded programs while serving as a dashboard for awareness, petitioning drives, data analysis and much more.

Fueled by $25 million in funding provided through the new Nourish NY initiative, combined with an additional $5.5 million in additional fund from New York State, Feeding America, private foundations and individuals, Feeding NYS has positioned itself as a central resource of information and a powerful voice for change.

POSTMKTG is a close partner and a trusted advisor. Their communications guidance has been absolutely essential to the success of Feeding New York State, particularly this last year when helping us tell the story of our COVID-19 pandemic response. They are responsive, creative and fast.

Dan Egan
Dan EganExecutive Director, Feeding New York State