With creative, design, web and promotional support from POSTMKTG, CBA pulled off a perfectly coordinated giving day on May 15, 2018. When the tally was taken, #BronationDay raised $107,692 in just 16 hours, a total that pushed the school’s Capital Campaign past its $5.2 million goal ahead of schedule.

Reports that the boys on the bus were already chanting ‘bro-nation, bro-nation’ on the way into school served as an early signal of just how wonderfully crazy the day would be.

With emails, banners, promotional items, videos, social media posts and a bazillion other details thought through and integrated, CBA’s small in-house promotional team was able to manage a complex set of media platforms – email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – and post live updates, including a running tally of contests, contest winners and donations totals, to the animated campaign website, which was built on top of the school’s home page.

The only issue that arose during the amazingly hectic day was the need to change the coding on the website so that it could post a bigger number in the ‘total raised’ box than originally anticipated!