• Purchase College Web Best Practices


  • Purchase College Communications Audit


Purchase, a State University of New York arts and liberal arts college, enlisted the guidance of POSTMKTG to do a complete communications audit of its complex media environment. The report – which included the results of a survey of nearly 50 competing institutions, 170 social media sites, 200 printed pieces and 2,500 email messages – uncovered key brand assets and recommended best practices.

  • Ron guided our cabinet members and high-level administrators through a thoughtful and well-purposed presentation. As a result, the president and cabinet made a commitment to a complete website renovation and communications restructure.

    Sandy Dylak
    Sandy Dylak
    Director, Communications & Creative Services at Purchase College, SUNY
  • Communications audit and brand review
  • Best practices for crowdsourcing, event marketing and email
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Website development strategy
  • Design trends
  • RFP

Subsequently, POSTMKTG produced a design trends survey which Purchase College used as the foundation of an anticipated website overhaul, and then wrote the RFP Purchase issued to secure a qualified development partner.